Mount Slamet

The island of Java is well known as one of the homes for volcanoes. No half-hearted, some of the highest in Indonesia are on the island of Java. One of them that attracts the attention of climbers and adventurers is Mount Slamet.

Had reportedly woken up from sleep, Mount Slamet had spewed some hot clouds and a cloud of dust to a certain height. Not surprisingly, this mountain activity makes the people below it prepare for anticipatory steps.

In fact, there was news that there was a prohibition for climbers and adventurers to climb this mount as long as this mountain was still actively throwing volcanic materials from its stomach.

Some Interesting Fact About Mount Slamet

Well, for those of you who just know this mount, here are some interesting facts that you can know from one of the highest mountains on the island of Java. Read on for this review, OK!

1. Being in Second Rank After Semeru

It is well known that the highest volcano on the island of Java is Mount Semeru with an altitude of 3,676 meters above sea level. Well, for the second highest mountain on the island of Java? Obviously Mount Slamet bro, with a height of 3,428 masl – Mount Slamet is really in the middle of Java Island.

This Mount is one of the most active mountains on the island of Java. It is evident that the climbing route of Mount Slamet is often closed because clouds of volcanic ash can be seen coming out of the mouth of the mountain.

2. Standing in Five Districts

Located in the middle of Java Island, This Mount is located in five regions or five districts in Central Java. The five regencies are Banyumas, Brebes, Purbalingga, Pemalang, and Tegal. Standing in various districts, makes Mount Slamet has various climbing doors.

You need to know, This Mount is still higher than Mount Merapi which is only 2,968 masl and Mount Merbabu which has a height of 3,145 masl. Therefore, it is quite challenging to climb this mountain.

3. Frequently Erupts

Be careful bro, This Mount is a volcano that can erupt at any time. Eruptions recorded in history occurred in the 19th century. At least, the eruption started with a small eruption. In 2009 from May to June, Mount Slamet continued to spit out incandescent lava.

The time span that tells him that he often erupts makes the average climber have to give up his intention to climb this mountain. Wow, if you do – do you immediately brush up to climb Mount Slamet?

4. History of the Name of Mount Slamet

The naming of the slamet on this mountain occurred during the Islamic Mataram kingdom, just after the end or completion of the glory of the Majapahit kingdom. Previously, according to various historical texts, this mountain was previously named Mount Agung.

However, somehow history says this mountain changed its name to Mount Slamet.

5. Three Recommended Hiking Trails

There are at least three Mount Slamet hiking trails that are recommended for climbers and other adventurers. The first is from the direction of Bambangan, Kutabawa Village, Karangreja District, Purbalingga Regency – this route is the most famous and popular.

The second hiking route is from the direction of Pemalang Regency, namely Baturaden, Jurangmangu, Gambuhan and Gunungsari. Then the third route which is quite steep is from the Guci Hot Springs from Tegal Regency.

6. Two Difficulties – Water and Fog

Two difficulties that will clearly challenge you when climbing This Mount are water and fog. For those of you who have just started climbing Mount Slamet, make sure to bring enough drinking water supplies. Because the famous hiking trail without a water source.

Then, the fog factor – This Mount is very easily foggy. Once foggy – the mountain is capable of eliminating its hiking trails. Therefore, make sure you bring enough lighting equipment so you don’t go the wrong way when you go down in the fog, okay?

7. The Big Risk of Climbing Mount Slamet

Obviously every mountain has its own risks when climbing, especially Mount Slamet. The potential danger on Mount Slamet seems to be greater than on other mountains. At least hot clouds, volcanic dust and toxic gases are some of the risks you will face when climbing Mount Slamet.

Therefore, always be ready when climbing Mount Slamet. Or at least pay attention to the safest climbing route to get there, and also pay attention to certain times when This Mount is on the move.

How bro? Even more curious about climbing This Mount? In addition to the dangers and risks that are there, the risks and potential dangers that are not visible are there. No doubt, This Mount is also shrouded by various mysteries, mystical, myths and even some legends.

For those of you who are already going there, have you decided which route you will take? If so, just pack up and go! Oh yes, for those of you who know some other facts about This Mount that have not been mentioned above, please add them in the comments column below, OK!