Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu has many mysteries that have never been revealed, and have often been discussed by the surrounding community and climbers who have climbed to Mount Lawu.

The location of Mount Lawu is the border between the provinces of Central Java and East Java. This mountain has a height of 3,265 meters above sea level. Its location between the borders makes the mystery talk about Mount Lawu spread throughout Java or maybe the whole country talks about it.

The following below are the most popular Mount Lawu mysteries that are often told by word of mouth.

1. The mystery of the three peaks of Mount Lawu, the sacred place of the kings of Majapahit

Mount Lawu has three main peaks, all of which have their own mysteries and become a sacred place in the Land of Java.

Puncak Hargo Dalem is believed to be the burial place of Prabu Bhrawijaya Pamungkas, Puncak Hargo Dumiling is believed to be the burial place of Ki Sabdopalon, and Puncak Hargo Dumilah is believed to be the place of meditation.

Mount Lawu is said to be the center of spiritual activity in the Land of Java, which has a close relationship with the Mangkunegaran Praja Culture and its traditions. Therefore every climber is required to comply with all prohibitions and taboos.

The peak of Mount Lawu will experience a density of climbers every 1 suro (1 Muharram) night, many climbers go to the top to perform rituals and make pilgrimages.
The Mystery of the Relationship between the Majapahit Kingdom and Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu is always associated with the old Mataram kingdom. At that time Mount Lawu was made a special place for the high ranking officials of the Majapahit kingdom.

This mystery is told about the last days of the Majapahit kingdom. When the terakhie king did moks on Mount Lawu. He was the king whose moksha was accompanied by.

2. The mystery of the Grojogan Sewu Waterfall, the place where the most powerful character in the Mahabharata is imprisoned

The mystery of the Grojongan Sewu waterfall is about the connection of the Baladewa wayang story before the Baratyudha war, he was given orders by Krishna to meditate at the Grojongan Sewu waterfall.

This is so that Balarama does not take part in the war, because no enemy can match his magic

3. The Mystery of the Demon Market

The Mystery of the Devil’s Market is one of the most talked about stories. It is said that some of the “lucky” climbers on the way to post five heard the phrase “what do you buy, sis”.

Climbers who hear this must immediately take something that is around there such as stones, leaves, twigs, and so on.

4. The mystery of the meeting with Kyai Starling

Kyai starlings are believed to be someone who will guide the group to a safe place. Kyai starling is a mystical creature.

It is believed by local residents that if the kyai starling appears, it means it is a good sign, as long as the climbers do not disturb him.

5. The mystery of the prohibition of climbers with an odd number of climbers

The next mystery of Mount Lawu is that it is forbidden to climb with an odd number of groups.

This is a mandatory but unwritten rule, but climbers must be obeyed for safety to the top of Mount Lawu

6. The mystery of the prohibition of wearing green clothes

The next mystery is the prohibition of wearing green clothes when climbing to Mount Lawu. This mystery states if there is someone who wears green clothes then the Queen of the South Coast will kidnap him.

This mystery was denied and continues to be debated because the position of Mount Lawu and the South Coast is far away. However, local residents and climbers still adhere to this unwritten rule.

7. Mysterious places that keep mysteries on Mount Lawu

Actually there are still very many places that are believed by the surrounding community that contain mystery in it.

Following are the places:

– Sendang intense
– Sendang Drajat
– The Well of Life
– Jalatunda Well
– Candradimuka Crater
– Overheated Repat or Chakrasurya
– Pringgodani.

Those are the mysteries of Mount Lawu that you can read well to be your reminder when you want to climb to Mount Lawu. It should be remembered that these mysteries have restrictions in them that must be obeyed to avoid unwanted events.