Mount Merbabu

The location of Mount Merbabu covers several regencies in Central Java, namely on the west slope in Magelang Regency, on the east slope in Boyolali Regency and on the north slope in Semarang Regency.

On May 4, 2004 the This Mount National Park was inaugurated through a decree from the minister of forestry. This decree contains the transfer of functions of protected forests and natural tourism parks on a land area of ​​5,725 hectares in the Merbabu forest.

Mount Merbabu was found in Dutch heritage records. In the note This Mount has two syllables with different meanings, namely “Meru” which means Mountain and “Abu” which means the color of Ash.

Like other mountains that keep records of history and attraction in this era. Mount Merbabu also has facts and myths.

To further discuss the facts and myths of Mount Merbabu. Please take a look below!

1. Facts about Mount Merbabu, habitat for flora and fauna and community springs

Strato-type volcano is a type of Mount Merbabu, its geographical location is at 7.5 degrees south latitude and 110.4 degrees east longitude.

This Mount is a source of water for people living in the surrounding area. The Merbabu forest area is a protected and preserved flora and fauna habitat which was inaugurated on May 4, 2004 ago.

The inauguration of the Merbabu forest area is expected to improve the welfare of the surrounding community, and is an effort to conserve nature in a conservative manner.

2. The attraction of Mount Merbabu

This Mount is one of the mountains most visited by climbers or tourists in Central Java.

This is because the attractions of Mount Merbabu include:

– Hiking trails have many options.
– There is a beautiful savanna in the middle of Mount Merbabu
– Merbabu Peak is a beautiful place to watch the sunrise
– Ease of Access
– Amazing view
– There is a Pine Forest.

3. Facts about Mount Merbabu that must be considered

The terrain that is not too difficult makes This Mount the target of climbers. However, there are some facts about the Merbabu mountain climbing route that need to be considered.

Facts about the hiking trails on Mount Merbabu that must be considered include:

– Have extreme weather, namely weather that has cold air
– Hiking trails filled with thick fog
– Having homogeneous forests that is a forest that is not supportive for survival activities
– No source of drinking water
– Obligation to respect every tradition of local residents.

4. Mount Merbabu hiking trail

The five facts above you must remember and must be considered and applied properly and correctly. if you now understand the facts of climbing Mount Merbabu that must be considered.

Now, it’s time for you to know about which path factors can lead to the top of This Mount.

Here is a list of facts about which paths can lead to the top of Mount Merbabu:

– Cello line.
– Cunthel Jalur path
– Thekelan line
– Suwanting Path
– Wekas ​​line

5. Facts and myths about Mount Merbabu’s Watu Gubug

On the Thekelan path there is a pile of stones in the form of a small cave, the place is called watu hut

The myth circulating believes that Watu hut is the gateway to a mystical or unseen kingdom on Mount Merbabu. Smart people around there believe that the stone hut is guarded by magical guards.

The magical guard is tasked with stopping people with bad intentions from entering the stone hut.

The fact is that currently the stone hut is a place for climbers to take shelter from rain or storms on Mount Merbabu.

6. Tips for climbing

The following are some tips to be able to climb the peak of This Mount safely and safely.

Here are the facts and tips that you can apply when climbing Mount Merbabu:

– Must choose an easy hiking route. The fact that the first tips must be done, for pro or novice climbers. Because easy hiking trails will reduce the accident rate when climbing.
– Exercising one week before climbing the purpose of the sport here is to make physical preparations to climb 3,142 meters above sea level from Mount Merbabu.
– Prepare food supplies and logistics. Don’t leave anything behind during the ascent.
– Try to bring complete mountain climbing equipment.
– Be careful
– Pray

Those are the facts and myths of Mount Merbabu, Central Java, so when is it scheduled to peak on Mount Merbabu?