Mount Jayawijaya

Mount Jayawijaya has been known as one of the favorite mountains for climbers in the country, because of its enchanting natural phenomena. Yes, at the top, the place Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid, there is snow which is the only stunning phenomenon in Indonesia.

This unique thing is what makes many climbers visit the mountain located in Mimika, Papua, and try to conquer it. But unfortunately, not only famous for its beautiful phenomenon, Mount Jayawijaya is also known as a dangerous mountain for climbers. Not long ago, a climber from Bandung, Andika Pratama, died while climbing Carstensz Peak.


Other Interesting Facts About Mount Jayawijaya

Apart from the terrain that is dangerous for climbers, in fact Mount Jayawijaya also has other interesting facts. Here’s the fact :

1. The Highest Mountain Peak in Indonesia

Mount Jayawijaya has a height of about 4,884 meters above sea level and makes it the highest mountain in Indonesia. In Asia, Mount Jayawijaya is in second place, after Mount Hkakabo Razi in Myanmar, which has an altitude of about 5,881 meters above sea level.

This mountain is also known to have very difficult terrain because of its steepness.

2. Discovered by John Carstensz

John Carstensz, who was a sailor and navigator from the Netherlands, was the first to discover this mountain. Therefore, the peak of Mount Jayawijaya was given the name Carstensz Peak.
He first saw the snowy mountain when he returned to the Netherlands in 1632.

At that time, people did not believe what John told about the mountain which is located on the geographical line of the West Papua New Guinea equator. Then around 1899, a Dutch expedition that was making maps around the area confirmed what was conveyed by John Carstensz. This is what ultimately makes this mountain named after his name.

3. Known as One of the Most Expensive Hiking Sites

The cost of climbing Mount Jayawijaya tends to be high, so that it requires funds of around tens of millions. The average climbing tour operator in Indonesia offers a price of up to IDR 50 million to climb Carstensz Peak. Meanwhile, climbing tour operators abroad will be much more expensive.

High prices because of the difficulty of access to get there, and the goods are also quite expensive.

4. The Climate at Carstensz Peak that Changes Often

With an altitude of 4,884 meters above sea level, Mount Carstensz is known to have eternal snow.

Although there is no glacier on Carstensz Peak, there is a glacier on its slopes, namely the Carstenz Glacier. This glacier is the only tropical glacier in Indonesia.

5. Included in the Seven Summits

Carstensz Peak is one of the seven highest peaks in the world. The pioneer who first popularized Carstensz as one of the world’s Seven Summits was Reinhold Meissner.

However, the determination of Caratenz Peak as one of the Seven Summits became a matter of debate.

Because of its location in the Indonesian archipelago which is politically included in the territory of the Asian continent, some climbers prefer to choose Mount Kosciusko which is the highest point on the Australian continent as one of the world’s Seven Summits.

However, some others insist that the Carstensz Pyramid is one of the world’s Seven Summits, because it is geographically located in the territory of Australia and Oceania.

Apart from this, Carstenz Peak is now one of the places of choice for world climbers, because it is included in the series of The Seven Summits with Everest in Asia, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Europe, Aconcagua in South America, Mckinley in North America, and Vinson Massif in Antarctica.